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Roc Solid's HistoryExecutive Letter

Our History

The Roc Solid Foundation truly began nearly twenty years ago. When Roc Solid founder Eric Newman was a child much the same age as those the foundation now helps, he was diagnosed with liver cancer. To the surprise of his doctors, Eric managed to beat the odds and his cancer. He has been in remission ever since.  Sadly, two cousins also diagnosed at a young age were not as fortunate; tragically, losing their bouts with the disease.

These experiences led Newman at the age of 25, and having ran a successful construction company, to assemble a group of friends and organize a fund-raiser for the pediatric hospital that saved his life. Deemed A NIGHT FOR THE FIGHT, the event was a great success; exceeding the expectations of all involved, and leaving the group with a desire to continue the effort.


Founded in 2009, Roc Solid was created to provide physical and emotional support for children and their families as they deal with the reality of pediatric cancer.  Through acts of kindness and programs designed to foster happiness and hope, the organization works to strengthen their will to survive.

Every person who makes a contribution, each volunteer that picks up a hammer, and every child we help becomes a part of Roc Solid's history, helping shape a brighter future for those facing an uncertain tomorrow.




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